Child Playing with Playdoh

Everday play and activities are essential to keeping
your toddler stimulated and learning. These young, formative years can do a lot to provide a strong foundation for growth as your child gets older.

Child Playing with Building Blocks



A safe environment is a happy one! We are pet free
and smoke free, and have child-proofed our home
for your child's safety and your peace-of-mind.


Children enjoy making crafts, drawing pictures
and simply indulging in educational play. These
activities provide excellent opportunities for learning
and growth! Your child will learn about colour
and shapes and use their imaginations as they
create wonderful masterpieces to bring home!
Some of our Activities will include:

Interactive Learning Time | Puzzles and Games
Pre-reading Activities and Story Time
Arts and Crafts | Music and Singing | Indoor Play
Outdoor Activities (weather permitting)
and much more...


We believe that a good diet is imperative to health and
learning. Our meals and Snacks are homemade and are
based on the Canadian Food Guide. If your child has
food allergies, or special diet needs, we willl work with
you to see that his/her requirements are met.

To learn more, Email -
or phone us at 519-504-5911